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UniqueThis Unlimited

$ 39.99 monthly
  • 1) UniqueThis Blog Page:
    Own a blog page. Unlimited writing on any topic. Use links & HTML. Monetize with ads and affiliate links. Featured in newsletters.
  • 2) UniqueThis Ads Platform:
    Create self serve digital ads that show on the website and app activity stream, footer, and email newsletters.
  • 3) UniqueThis Marketplace Store:
    Own an online store. Sell anything. Take payments. Everything you need to sell or buy online. 0% transaction sales fee.
  • 4) UniqueThis News Page:
    Be a news publisher. Share news about anything on your personal page. Monetize with your own ads and affiliate links. HTML Compatible.
  • 5) UniqueThis Verified:
    Get the verified check mark added to your profile.
  • 6) UniqueThis Institute:
    Own an online school page. On demand learning platform. Create courses with quizzes and get paid by online students. 0% fee.
  • 7) UniqueThis Member Promotion:
    Get more page views and followers. Automatic generated ad of your page that lead members to view/interact/follow your page.
  • 8) UniqueThis Paid Content:
    Charge your followers for viewing your premium videos, pictures, links, or text post. Charge any amount monthly or one time basis.
  • 9) UniqueThis Service Appointments Page:
    Have a service? Allow people to book an appointment for any of your services online.
  • 10) UniqueThis Event Ticket Selling Page:
    Sell online tickets for your event. Concert. Performance. Theater. Sport. Tour. Club. Play. Online Event. 0% fee.
  • 11) UniqueThis Crowdfunding:
    Fund anything from people around the world. Business. Project. Personal. 0% transaction fee.
  • 12) UniqueThis Chat:
    Message non friends through text, video, and audio chat. Perfect for networking or dating.

UniqueThis Basic

  • Social Networking:
    Post things. Enjoy user generated content. Free online tools. 10% transaction sales fee for advanced features like selling.
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